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Our Mission

Our Mission

'Yachaq Warmi' was established to create and sustain a worldwide network that recognizes, commemorates, encourages, empowers, and motivates Peruvian females pursuing careers in STEM fields, including Peruvian girls and young women who will be the next generation of STEM leaders in Peru.

Over time, 'Yachaq Warmi' has developed and broadened its outlook. Our present objective is to empower Latin American researchers, with a specific emphasis on highlighting the accomplishments of women in STEM.

Our Vision

Our aim is to enhance the visibility of accomplishments by researchers hailing from Latin America, without any bias towards their gender, with the ultimate goal of increasing their recognition.

"El sentido de las cosas no está en las cosas mismas, sino en nuestra actitud hacia ellas"

Our Team

​Paqarichiq warmikuna 

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